5 Ways to Lower Your AC Costs This Summer

In the summertime, we consume a lot of energy which reflects in our electricity bill. The main reason is due to an increase in the usage of air conditioners to beat the heat. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a way you can use your air conditioners without incurring huge electricity costs. Well, here are the 5 ways you can lower your AC cooling costs during the summer.

1. Using Thermostat is Recommendable

Every degree of temperature matters when it comes down to using your air conditioner in an efficient manner. Most people prefer to use their air conditioners in the night time. But it is quite difficult to regulate the temperature when sleeping. That’s why a programmable thermostat is essential to maintaining a proper cooling temperature. Installing a programmable thermostat will help you regulate your AC’s temperature according to your preferences while you sleep. Modern technology allows for thermostats that can be controlled via mobile applications. These thermostats can set the optimal temperature based on your usage and preferences. Maintaining an optimal temperature can still provide you the cooling you need while also shaving up to 10% off your electricity bill annually.

2. Use Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan by itself can’t cool the room. But running a ceiling fan along with your AC will help circulate the cool air which reduces the effort of Air Conditioners. Running the ceiling fan along with AC can make you feel cooler by up to 7 degrees. This is because of the wind-chill effect. So, we recommend you to use ceiling fans in your room to decrease electricity consumption. 

3. Maintain and Service your Air Conditioner Properly

If you want to lower your electricity bill then good and timely maintenance and service of your AC is mandatory. Proper AC maintenance like cleaning the air filters, dust, outdoor coils, and maintaining refrigerant in optimal level results in good airflow circulation. Also, check whether your AC’s parts like the condenser coil and evaporator are free from dust and debris. This helps increase your ACs cooling while lowering your electricity bill.

4. Seal Your Windows and Insulate Your Walls

Properly seal your windows from cracks to avoid air leaks resulting in proper cooling. Experts also suggest insulating your walls and attics properly to avoid air leaks. 

Optimal room temperature is maintained by proper insulation of your room and covering up your window to prevent sunlight from entering into the room. 

5. Avoid cooking in air conditioned rooms

Cooking in air conditioned rooms generates a lot of heat and increases your room’s temperature. This makes it difficult for your air conditioner to maintain an optimal temperature which results in an increasing electricity bill. Thus, it is always recommended to avoid cooking in air conditioned rooms.

Thus, follow the tips above in your home and enjoy your cooling with lower cost this summer. For all your AC related queries contact the top AC service provider in Chennai - Jesus Air Conditioning System.


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