Using Air Conditioners (AC) regularly? Follow these tips to avoid health problems!

Using Air Conditioners (AC) regularly? Follow these tips to avoid health problems!

How healthy is using Air conditioners to humans? While Air Conditioners help purifying internal air flow at ideal temperatures, control humidity, there are still elements that may create health problems if proper AC precautions are not taken.

Air Conditioner is a wonderful science product that creates lot of comfort. However, it is not very natural. Air conditioner use refrigerants. If not well cleaned and maintained, air Conditioners can create respiratory, skin related and ortho related health issues.

Let’s see how to Use Air conditioners and enjoy good health at the same time.

  • Ideal Air Conditioner (AC) Temperature: Always make it a point to set your Air Conditioners temperature ideally at 25°C or little above to ensure your body is not directly exposed to the AC Cool Air. Ensuring ideal AC temperature can prevent skin related problems as humidity is well controlled.
  • Stay Hydrated: How much water you drink in a Day? Ever wondered your tendency to drink water while using Air Conditioners? That’s a natural phenomenon. But you need to keep your water routine as usual. Make sure to drink two to three liters of Water every day to avoid drip loss.
  • Medical Consultation: People who have allergies, sinus, wheezing, asthma and hyperactivity due to dust should avoid using Air Conditioners. Consult with your doctors for advice before buying and installing Air Conditioners at your homes.
  • Controlled usage of Air Conditioners: Having Air Conditioners doesn’t mean, we need to ACs 24/7. Exposure to Sun is very important for humans. Avoid persistent AC long-Term because Vitamin-D deficiency can cause lung damage.
  • AC and Skin Diseases: People with skin diseases such as psoriasis should not use AC. Using Air Conditioners can increase the skin dryness and hence there is a risk of spreading the skin disease.
  • Direct AC Exposure on Body: Always take consultation from your Air Conditioner Service Provider to plan where to install and at what AC tonnage capacity for your room size. Also avoid the flow of AC Cool Air directly in the head and ears as it can affect your nervous system.
  • Air Borne Diseases: Respiratory viruses, viruses and bacteria that spread cold, flu may get distributed to others in an air conditioner temperature-controlled environment.
  • Physical Activity: People who get regular exposure to Air Conditioners need to make it a point to do physical activities such as stretch exercises, walking, jogging and practicing yoga.
  • Good Habits: To adjust to Air conditioners, avoid being sweaty. Don’t use Air conditioners while your hands are wet, and body is wet. Don’t dry wet clothes in Air-conditioned rooms.
  • 24/7 Usage of AC is not for all: While using Air Conditioners the level of oxygen will be comparatively lower in the AC room. It is advisable not to allow small children, the elderly and people with respiratory problems to sleep alone in the Air conditioned rooms.

Your Air conditioner sales and maintenance service provider are experts in recommending optimal AC Usage and AC Usage best practices. Do take and practice their advice seriously. Stay healthy!


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