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Why is it important to service your Air Conditioning System ? 
Products Upgrades and Enhancements
Energy Management Services
Air Distribution Optimization
Superior Service Process
Buying & Selecting - How do I determine the AC tonnage basis by room size ? & What AC should i opt for Window or Split ?
Air Balancing and Leakage Detaection
Risk Protection Contracts
Labor  Maintenance Contracts 
Air conditioning systems, like all mechanical equipment, are subject to wear and tear. They lose efficiency and consume more power over time, unless you monitor and maintain them regularly. Studies reveal that with regular tune-ups, a system will deliver up to 95% of its original efficiency. This helps reduce operating and revamp costs, and also helps you save a lot on power.
There is a prevailing misconception that you dont need specialized skills to keep your. Air conditioning system in peak condition. Or that in the case of a breakdown, any local AC repair man can step-in for troubleshooting. Nothing can be further from the truth. Most local technicians lack in-depth understanding of the complex designs and circuitry that make up the innards of modern day air conditioning systems. Also, they are ill informed when it comes to indoor air quality, airside management and energy efficiency. In addition to this, their lack of resources and infrastructure can cause irreparable damage to your system.
Expert Service Solutions from Jesus air conditioning system give you the following advantages:

Trained Personnel :

Our engineers and technicians undergo intensive training to handle expensive, sophisticated air conditioning and equipment.

Priority Service :

When you opt for our annual service, we offer you priority service. Which means that your calls get attended to promptly and the system is serviced quicker.

Preventive Checks :

Under all our service solutions, we offer preventive maintenance checks which help in identifying problems early, preventing costly downtime.

Any Time Access :

All our service personnel including technicians are given cell phones for your ease and convenience.

Genuine Spares :

By opting for our service solutions, you are assured of genuine spares that will go a long way in ensuring high uptime for your system.

Extended Life :

Genuine Spares and regular maintenance help in extending the life of your system.

Seasonal settings :

In summer, you would prefer lower temperatures and when the climate is cold you often feel the need to change your settings to higher temperatures. Before the onset of a season, our engineers calibrate the air conditioning system to suit. So, protecting your expensive and technologically advanced air conditioning equipment from damage is as important as your initial investment. And we, at Jesus air conditioning system , help you do that. Our air conditioning experts periodically check your entire system, repair and replace the necessary parts and calibrate the system for perfect air distribution and balancing. Thus providing you with the finest and most comprehensive range of Service Solutions.
These services are primarily targeted at old air conditioning systems. Over a period of time it is quite likely that due to additional equipment load or change in the office layout there is a change in the heat load. To cater to the revised heat load, there may be a need to modify the ducting, enhance the capacity of the air handling unit or even replace the old chilling machine. Enhancements may also arise out of the replacement of condensing units, upgrading to new energy efficient compressors, refrigerant conversion, replacement of old electromechanical controls with microprocessor-based controls etc.
Air conditioning constitutes around 65% of the total power consumption in any establishment. Apart from this, heat load conditions and usage patterns vary over the years with wear and tear, resulting in further power consumption.
Air distribution and air balancing play a critical role in energy saving, as the air conditioning load is determined by air distribution and air balancing. Jesus air conditioning system has developed expertise in the area of air balancing, offering devices such as variable air volume systems.
Jesus air conditioning system superior systems and processes help it in delivering the best to its customers. Mentioned below are some of them: The Company has ISO certification for the service operations of all type of Air conditioning systems. The Service Specialists Group handles complex technical problems in the field even through remote supervision or direct intervention, if required. The team is well equipped with various advanced measuring, data logging and diagnostic tools. A special Call Management service takes care of customer requests from 9 am to 9 pm, 365 days in a year.All these differentiated and superior services make Jesus air conditioning system a preferred name in the air conditioning and service business.
Windows are available up to 2.0 TR. Above this capacity only splits are available. Besides if the location of the room is such that a window can not be installed then also a split is the only option. Please consider following points :

A location where Sunlight does not fall directly on the unit.

There is no obstacle to air flow to and from the A/C.

The place can give a rigid platform so that the A/C can be installed securely. This will also reduce sound and vibration.

What kind of features should influence my purchase decision?

Following point can be considered:

Capacity as per requirement

Power consumption and durability of machine.
Air balancing ensures that there is uniform cooling throughout the room by measuring, adjusting, analyzing and documenting airflow (CFM) distribution relating to Air Handling Units, Make- Up Air Units, Exhaust Fans, etc. Air leakage detection helps to prevent wastage of treated (cooling) air.
At Jesus air conditioning system , you will find a wide spectrum of service to meet all your requirements. Apart from standard maintenance solutions, we also offer premium value added services for your critical needs.
This comprehensive contract includes all labor, spares and consumables. It covers routine preventive maintenance as well as attending to breakdowns.
This contract includes only labor for routine preventive maintenance and attending breakdowns. The spares and consumables are charged for separately. Operating Contracts. This is a pure labor contract. The operators are stationed for single, double, round-the clock or 365 days shift, depending on your needs. They regularly monitor the operating status.

The star rating will be based upon the following star rating table :-

MEPS :Minimum Energy Performance Standard (Minimum Allowed EER)
S.NO Star Rating Min EER (W/W) Max EER(W/W)
1 MEPS 2.30
2 1 star 2.30 2.49
3 2 Star 2.49 2.69
4 3 Star 2.69 2.89
5 4 Star 2.89
6 5 Star 3.09 +++
MEPS : Minimum Energy Performance Standard
EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) = Cooling Capacity (Watts) Power Consumption(Watts)

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