Precautions to take to reduce chances of fire accidents in HVAC systems

Lots of news reported huge damage to property in accidents that involved fire from ACs. Moreover this has been fatal to people due to blasts occurring from air conditioning systems. Before knowing how to prevent it, we must know what causes these fires.

Overuse and heating up of the AC has been one of the main reasons behind AC fires. There can be many reasons why the AC overheats. The unit might not be big enough to cool down your room. So it has to work with overload. Sometimes it can be because of the lack of service of your AC. The filters and condenser coils will become dirty after a period of use and it has to be cleaned to make the AC work efficiently. Low refrigerant levels in the AC can give you only less cooling which results in the AC working for more time, and thus overheating.

Another reason could be an electric or mechanical failure. Poor electric wiring could lead to short circuits and cause fire and damage. Putting more load on the electric circuit will lead to fires. So what can we do to avoid such problems?

Get a proper service done by technicians at least twice a year even if it doesn't seem to show any faults. Take this as a precautionary measure because we cannot find what's wrong inside the AC just by looking at it. It requires a technician to inspect the system.

Give occasional breaks to the AC since most fire accidents are caused during peak hours of use. This can help reduce the load on the circuit and also the time for the AC to cool down.

Do-it-yourself tips can help sometimes. Few steps like cleaning the filter in the indoor unit and checking the outdoor unit for any unwanted materials and creatures are some of the things that you can do yourself. This is possible in the case of residential ACs. Commercial ACs are more complex and are not to be handled by a person without a license. So call a professional to inspect your HVAC system in such cases.

Check for refrigerant levels in your AC. Without an adequate amount of refrigerant in your AC, it will not be able to properly cool your room and your unit will overheat. Call a professional to check the refrigerant levels and for any leaks.

Use proper wiring and placement for the AC unit. ACs use more power and their wiring should be taken care of because many electrical damages can start from an improper wiring. Don't use an extension cable for the AC unit. Make sure your building has proper wiring that can hold heavy loads, before installing the AC. Consult a HVAC technician to learn more about securing your AC systems.

Replace faulty parts and equipment at the earliest. If you neglect a you wont know if all of the parts and equipment are working how they should be. Systems and units that are left unmaintained will gradually degrade until a fault occurs or stops functioning all together. System failure can lead to a large amount of heat building up, which can lead to a fire breaking out. Having your air conditioning serviced regularly by a professional will help to keep your system running smoothly all year around.

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