Important Aspects you should double-check in your AMC Contracts

Our biggest concern if we have an air conditioner is to find a good technician who can look into the actual problem and suggest you the right solution. ACs working in commercial spaces like offices and hospitals are crucial to a very great extent. In case the AC stops working it can put a stop to your important work. That's why we need proper inspection and maintenance for ACs. It's also important to find the right person to do it. So companies go for annual maintenance contracts (AMC) with HVAC contractors to receive timely service. So what are the things to be taken care of in an AMC?

Description of services: Check if the contract provides you all the services you wanted so that there will not be a dispute later. AMC should clearly state all the services they will conduct during the contract period. You must ensure that all the required services are mentioned in the AMC. 

Frequency of services: All service providers may not provide you with the same service. ACs require regular checkup to ensure its smooth running. Check for the number of visits and the duration between each visit so that you can ensure the maintenance is done on time.

What's not included: As said earlier all service providers do not provide the same services. All of them might not be equipped to perform the same tasks. So make sure to get those listed in your contract.

Details of spare parts: Know the details of the spare parts they provide and what they charge you extra for. Some spare parts are chargeable and some charges will be covered in the AMC.

Cost of AMC contract: Quality remains the first priority and that's why you shouldn't worry about the AMC charges. If it's a trusted contractor they will give you a good deal and will not have to worry about your AC not working.

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