How to protect your Air Conditioners (AC) from Fire Accidents? 20 Point Checklist

How to protect your Air Conditioners (AC) from Fire Accidents? 20 Point Checklist

Often, we read on news about sad Air Conditioner (AC) Fire Accidents on homes, commercial buildings and cars. We need to understand Air Conditioners are electronic appliances that blend electrical wiring, mechanical aspects, electronic circuits, physical locations and even use Chemical refrigerants. If any of these aspects are not well configured during AC Installation Services or AC Maintenance Services, there are chances that your Air conditioners might create fire accidents.

Therefore, it is important to understand best practices to avoid Air Conditioners Fire Accidents to stay safe and enjoy well controlled air temperature.

20 Point Checklist - Protect ACs from Fire Accidents

  1. Best Quality AC Products: Always buy and use AC regulations, AC safety standards approved Air Conditioners.
  2. Top Air Conditioner Service Providers: Don’tselect your Air conditioner (AC) service provider based on proximity, cost, or other obvious reasons. Do your research in selecting Top AC Technicians in your region for their AC service excellence.
  3. Optimal Stabilizer Capacity: Good Stabilizer should be used. Please watch our YouTube Video on AC Stabilizer best Practices for your Air Conditioner
  4. AC Wiring and Cabling: If Proper AC capacity wires and good quality cables are not used there is a risk of fire accidents. Please consult with your AC Service Technician.
  5. AC Outdoor Ventilation: Adequate ventilation for AC Outdoor Units are required in order to avoid fire accidents. Please work with your Architects, Engineers and AC Service Technicians to locate ideal location to do AC Outdoor installation with adequate air flow. Watch our YouTube Video on AC Ventilation Best Practices.
  6. Close that AC Wiring Pipes: Is the pipe hole that carries AC Copper pipes to Indoor AC unit to AC Outdoor Units are locked with white cement or good quality Putty? Please confirm it. Rodents may damage the electrical wires and chances of short circuits may trigger AC Fire accidents.
  7. Routine AC Service Maintenance: How often you apply AC General Maintenance Service? Maintain a well-timed AC Service Maintenance schedule. Don’t skip the advised AC maintenance schedule as advised my AC Manufacturers and AC Technicians.
  8. Quality AC Coolant: Focusing on refrigerant gas is essential. Take technical consultation from your AC service technician.
  9. Optimal Vacuum Pressure: Maintain absolutely correct vacuum pressure inside your Air Conditioner to avoid AC Fire Accidents.
  10. Scientific AC Installation Service: During AC Installation Service, your AC Technicians must follow the complete air conditioning installation procedure as advised by AC Manufacturer and AC Service best practices.
  11. AC Inverter: The AC must not be coupled with an AC inverter and a low capacity generator. Your electrician must advise the AC Technician on how the electricity is configured.
  12. Protecting AC Electrical Wiring: It is necessary to protect the electrical lines from rain water and from any other water leakage in the building.
  13. Exact Tonnage and Type of Air conditioner: Choosing the right type of air-conditioning and the appropriate capacity for the space. If not done properly, you may not enjoy ideal temperature control.
  14. Proper Electricity: Proper connectivity of the power line and earth connection needs to be ensured.
  15. Avoiding short circuit: Proper electrical wiring and AC cabling is important.
  16. AC Faults and Defects: Avoid running the ac regularly with minor defects
  17. Fireproof your Air Conditioners: Fitting and maintain the AC, wherever it is, fireproof must be done with great care
  18. Position of Stabilizers: The stabilizer and switch box should not be fitted below in the indoor unit.
  19. Metal Sockets: The metal socket box should be fitted instead of normal switches.
  20. Setting the ideal AC Temperature: Use temperature of your AC at 25 Degree Celsius and do not set it below 20.


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