How to maintain your Air Conditioners

Whether it is extreme Summer or Winter, usage of Air Conditioners has become an important aspect in both residential and commercial scenarios. Such Air Conditioners (ACs) are expensive and highly sophisticated. To ensure our comfort, we need to take care of the Air Conditioners with routine maintenance. Here are some simple and easy maintenance tips for your Air Conditioners.

  1. Optimal AC Temperature: Always set your Air Conditioner Temperature at around 25 Degree Celsius or above. The lesser the temperature you maintain, the better the energy consumption and reduced load applies on your AC.
  2. Cleaning the Air Filter: Always make sure to clean your AC Air Filter every 15 Days/ 1 Month or depending on the AC usage. This is good for our health. At the same time, the Air Conditioner will not consume more energy to throw cool air.
  3. AC Service and Maintenance: It’s wise to conduct a routine AC Maintenance Service every 3 to 4 months based on the usage.
  4. 3rd Party Objects: Avoid putting too much 3rd party stuff and heat emitting objects nearby the AC.
  5. Upgrade to Latest Technology: You can save electricity by using the latest technical air conditioner, rather than using a very old air conditioner
  6. Proper Insulation of AC Pipes and Ducts: Proper insulation of air conditioners, copper pipes and air ducts can save electricity
  7. Extra Layer of Shades: Try conserving the Air Conditioning with help of good quality curtains for windows and doors. This will reduce overload of the Air Conditioner.
  8. Room Spacing: Reducing the space between the windows and the door can save more electricity.
  9. Optimal balance of Room Size and Tonnage: Always measure the size of the room and determine the optimal amount of AC tonnage the room is suitable for.
  10. Star Rating of AC: Selecting an AC with a higher star rating can reduce electricity consumption expenses.
  11. Switch on the Fan: If the Air in the AC Chamber is slow, we can turn on the fan and keep it in an ideal speed to avoid respiratory problems.
  12. Natural Light Exposure: When the air conditioning is not needed, it is advisable to allow the Exposure of Sunlight and Fresh Air to the AC Room.
  13. Using Aromatic Substances: Air Freshener / Room Freshener or any other aromatic substances must not be sprayed directly on the Air Conditioner.
  14. General Cleanliness of the Room: The AC Room should always be clean. The room should not be cleaned with the Air conditioner is switched on.
  15. Mosquito Sprays and Pest Sprays: Do not spray mosquito repellants or any other pesticides before sleeping in the AC Room. It may cause suffocation and bring breathing related ailments.
  16. Stuffing Items: Do not keep any electrical items and water-damaged material below where the AC is fitted. This might cause electrical fire or fungal infection.
  17. Usage of Power Stabilizer: It isessential to use an optimal Electricity Power Stabilizer for all types of Air conditioners, even for the Inverter AC Models.
  18. Power Supply: Turning off the AC’s main power supply when not in use can save electricity.
  19. Remote Batteries and Main Supply: When the AC is not in use for a long time, it is advisable to remove the remote’s battery and turn off the main connection.
  20. Damaging AC Interior Parts: For your own personal safety and the longevity of the Air Conditioner, Don’t ever open and service interior parts of Air Conditioner without consulting or having an expert AC Repair Service Technician in person.

We sincerely hope, the above pointers are highly useful to you. Overall, it is advisable to engage the right technology professionals support to purchase and service your Air Conditioners. Jesus Air Conditioning System is a complete AC Sales and Services Partner that caters to residential AC customers and Commercial AC Projects for more than 17 Years.


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